Some-Poasyum participants who signed up for the full weekend ticket were each presented with a welcome pack at the Il Fornello dinner. These contained the following Russtastic items...


Celebratory booklet

A copy of the Celebratory Booklet - click here for more information


Underground mouse-mat and pen

An Underground mouse-mat and pen, kindly donated by London Underground Limited


 Russface badge Krakenstamp badge


The two official Some-Poasyum badges - the "Russface" (designed by Elisa Bowman) and the "Krakenstamp" (borrowed from this page)


Hoban slogan badges

A third badge, randomly picked from a selection of eight, featuring a Hoban slogan


Ruthie Bosch postcard

A postcard of Ruthie Bosch's "Mouse and His Child" / "Happy birthday Russ" design, from the birthday card she prepared for Russell Hoban which was signed by convention participants. (The booklets also had a copy of the postcard affixed inside the back cover.)


Olaf Schneider's Some-Poasyum bookmark

A bookmark (designed by Olaf Schneider)


Quiz sheet, agenda and London tour itinerary

A quiz sheet, a convention agenda, and a Guided Tour of Hoban's London handout


Cocktail squids

Also at Il Fornello, participants' wine glasses were decorated with "cocktail squids", sent by Elizabeth Hoffman


The Order of the Unified Squid brooch

Elizabeth also very kindly donated these unusual Kraken brooches (a.k.a. The Order of the Unified Squid), which were conferred upon the female members of The Tentacle (the convention organising committee), and to Gundula Hoban, Russell's wife, who came along to the Nomad Books evening

Some-Poasyum Official Party Bag

Some-Poasyum Official Party Bag (sample shown authentically crumpled after being carried around London for several days)


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