The unique Russell Hoban Some-Poasyum Celebratory Book is edited by Chris Bell and designed by Elisa Bowman. All participants who registered for the full weekend convention ticket received a complimentary copy of this high-quality 48-page limited-edition collectors' item. A limited number of these  booklets are still available to purchase on a first-come, first-served basis at £6 (6GBP) each plus p&p. For details on ordering copies please click here. For any other enquiries about the booklet please email

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Update 26/06/05: Actor Bill Nighy, who played William G in a 2003 BBC Radio adaptation of Turtle Diary by Alison Joseph, was invited to contribute to the booklet but was unfortunately unable to do so. This week he sent us this very nice card (click on small images to see larger versions):






Russell Hoban & Dave Awl — Welcome
Richard Cooper & Yvonne Studer — How the Some Poasyum became, and How It Got Its Name
Diana Slickman — How SA4QE started
Glenda Jackson MP — From the House of Commons
Braham Murray — Strengthening wisdom
Duncan Minshull — Unforgettable yellow paper
Sir Harrison Birtwistle — Tom, Orpheus and Harry
David Mitchell — On reading Riddley Walker in Hiroshima
80 at 80 — 80 reasons to celebrate Russell Hoban's 80th birthday, by various contributors, are distributed throughout the booklet
Mark Marcus — Happy birthday, Mr Hoban!
Dave Awl — The origins and history of The Head of Orpheus
Andrew Davies — Encountering Russell Hoban
Antti Savela — The Turtle Project
Ruthie Bosch — Kill Comes Again
Chris Bell — The Waiting Is Over
Anthony Davis — Madness and Medusa
Hugh Bowden — The Second Mrs Kong
Tim Haillay — Aunty’s got the Chops

Liz Calder — Russell Hoban and the Six Stacks
Lindsay Edmunds — So good in a deep place
Dr Albert Bridge — Towards a definition of ‘Hobanesque’
Linda Whitebread — “That was Russell Hoban on the phone...”

Marion Stevenson — Bow fiddle rising from the sea
Russell Hoban the illustrator
Professor Denizen Groat — A strong and unwavering light
Russell Hoban — Leon Garfield: An obituary
Bruce Hunter — Unreserved admiration

Quentin Blake — Aunt Fidget Wonkham-Strong

Olaf Schneider, Linda Whitebread — Why we love Russ
Roland Clare — With gaps in mind
Alida Allison, Theo Malekin, p.a morbid — Why we love Russ

Ruthie Bosch — The Mouse and His Child / Happy Birthday Russ postcard insert


For more information on the contributors please see their individual links on the Sponsors & Thanks page.


Rather than offer tasters from the Celebratory Book, we thought we'd show its quality by publishing the following contributions that would have been included had we not been obliged to keep to a tight deadline:

Ghislaine Kenyon - Russell Hoban On Art

Colin Midson - An interview with Russell Hoban

Johnny de Falbe - Hanging Around Reality's Stage Door

Sharada Bhanu - The Shaman and the ISness of TO BE



ISBN 0 907091 88 1

Publisher Cambridge Silent Artists with the support of Bloomsbury Publishing

Printers Willsons Printers

First published 2005
Copyright © 2005. Copyright rests, unless otherwise stated, with the contributors. The moral right of the authors has been asserted. All excerpts from the works of Russell Hoban are published by kind permission of the author and Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.



The book is available at £6.00 plus p&p. As there is limited stock, orders are restricted to one copy per person/order. To order please select the relevant p&p option and click the PayPal "buy now" button.

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Celebratory Books

The Celebratory Book

Read a nice story from the editor concerning how the cover design came about.


Below: Some of our distinguished contributors - (clockwise from top left) Liz Calder, Harrison Birtwistle, Quentin Blake, Bruce Hunter, Melvyn Bragg, Glenda Jackson, Andrew Davies, David Mitchell.


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