The organisers of the Russell Hoban Some-Poasyum 2005 would like to extend their gratitude to Bloomsbury Publishing for sponsoring the publication of the limited-edition convention booklet and supplying wonderful prizes for the quiz, Nomad Books for letting us use their beautiful shop for Russell Hoban's reading on Saturday 12th February, and of course Russell Hoban himself for his tireless help and support for the Some-Poasyum. Russ responded rapidly to many a phone call and email we sent him to check arrangements for the convention while continuing his daily routine of several hours' work on his latest novel.


We would also like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their sponsorship, promotion, contributions and help with the convention:


3am Magazine for promoting the Some-Poasyum on their website

Steve Rubie of The 606 Club for the free loan of a microphone and PA for the Nomad Books evening

Beast for manufacturing the Some-Poasyum t-shirts

Bigwowbadges for manufacturing the Some-Poasyum badges

Chris Bell for a superb job on the Celebratory Booklet

Sir Harrison Birtwistle for his booklet contribution

Quentin Blake for his booklet contribution

Ruthie Bosch for designing Russ's birthday card, supplying the postcards, and designing the "slogan" badges (click here for more details)

Dr Hugh Bowden for his booklet contribution

Elisa Bowman for designing the Celebratory Booklet and the "Biting the wheel" t-shirt design

Joe Bowman for a wonderfully sick squid!

Melvyn Bragg (Lord Bragg of Wigton) for his booklet contribution

Liz Calder for her booklet contribution and enthusiastic support for the conventi0n

Cambridge Silent Artists for officially publishing the Celebratory Booklet

Diane Clancy for converting Ruthie Bosch's badge designs and Olaf Schneider's bookmark design into print-ready Photoshop files

Andrew Davies for his booklet contribution

Digital River Visual Communication for flight-checking the booklet PDFs free of charge

Lindsay Edmunds for her booklet contribution

Kurt Heintz for promoting the Some-Poasyum on e-poets.net

The Guardian and Nicola Jennings for granting permission to reproduce Ms Jennings's caricature of Russell Hoban in the booklet, and for reprinting David Mitchell's booklet contribution On Reading Riddley Walker in Hiroshima

Tim Haillay for donating five original Jonathan Cape hardback Hoban novels from his personal collection as runner-up prizes for the quiz

Charlotte Hawes of Bloomsbury for her help and support of the convention

Brom Hoban for his booklet contribution

Elizabeth Hoffman for donating various wonderful squids to the Some-Poasyum

Bruce Hunter for coming along to all three nights of the convention and supporting the Some-Poasyum and Russell Hoban so enthusiastically

Mr Luigi and all the staff of Il Fornello for a wonderful evening on Friday 11th February

The Independent for granting permission to reproduce Russell Hoban's obituary of Leon Garfield

The Institute of Healthcare Management for the free loan of an LCD projector so we could see Olaf Schneider's wonderful slide-show of Hoban images at Il Fornello

Glenda Jackson for her booklet contribution

Leaf Salon Magazine for promoting the Some-Poasyum on their website

Sarah Varnham of London Underground for donating mouse-mats, pens and other fabulous LU promotional items to the convention

Theo Malekin for his booklet contribution

Mark Marcus for not only designing but re-designing (several times) the Riddley Walker cartoon for the mug

Colin Midson of Bloomsbury for his help and support of the convention

Duncan Minshull for his booklet contribution

David Mitchell for his booklet contribution

p.a. morbid for his booklet contribution and "Arga Warga" t-shirt design

Braham Murray for his booklet contribution

The New Zealand Society of Authors for promoting the Some-Poasyum on their website

PSPrint for their automated online printing of the Some-Poasyum bookmarks

Antti Savela for his booklet contribution

Will Self for granting permission to reproduce his introduction to Bloomsbury's 20th Anniversary Edition of Riddley Walker in the booklet (even though ultimately we didn't have space for it!)

Marion Stevenson for her booklet contribution

Bryan Thalhammer for his booklet contribution

Susie Thornhill and all the staff of The Troubadour for an excellent evening on Sunday 13th February

The University of Vermont Rare Book Collection for the woodcut illustration of Ovid's Metamorphoses

Ming Wilson of The Victoria & Albert Museum for moving the Chinese bat bowl from its home in a currently-closed gallery to an open one specifically so that the London Tour group could view it

Jonathan Wateridge for granting permission to reproduce his caricature of Russell Hoban and agreeing to let us auction the original on eBay

Linda Whitebread for her booklet contribution

Willsons Printers for printing the Celebratory Booklet


Thanks also to Jens Anders Ravnaas in Kristiansand for supplying all our web space without charge.


Richard Cooper would also like to thank Koy Cooper for her patience and support throughout his work on the convention.

Russell Hoban, some time in the 1970s.


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