9am: Intrepid early-risers fought hangovers and sleep deprivation to meet in Hammersmith for the first stop on the Tour of Hoban's London, Moss & Co Timber Yard in Dimes Place, where Russ had researched The Bat Tattoo. There participants were greeted by manager Stuart Duncan, who, proudly waving his own copy of the novel, gave a fascinating mini-lecture on the history of the company and the European lime that Bat hero Roswell Clark used in his unusual carvings.


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Participants then tubed it back to Fulham Broadway to meet with the rest of the group for the main tour (download a PDF of the whole itinerary here).


St John's Church, Fulham (The Bat Tattoo)

ys ms


The Klein Bottles at the Science Museum (Amaryllis Night and Day)

ys os

os ms


The Chinese bat bowl at the V&A (The Bat Tattoo)



The lunch stop - Gaby's Deli (The Bat Tattoo)



Trafalgar Square from the National Gallery



The Assyrian Royal Lion Hunt friezes at the British Museum (The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz)



And finally, a very Kleinzeitian Underground photo from Diana Slickman:



Key to photo credits: ys = Yvonne Studer; os = Olaf Schneider; rc = Richard Cooper; ms = Marion Stevenson


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The V and A


The British Museum


National Gallery 


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